The mega trends of the next few years: we make them the topic of our events

Live marketing is becoming more and more important. No instrument brings you as close to your customers as events and the tools available to event managers: from trade fairs to congresses, conferences or experience events, you can make the perfect choice for every challenge.

WEKA Industrie Medien is the B2B specialist for industry.

We know the companies, we know the readers - ideal conditions for creating the right events around our magazines. We succeed with growing success and new events year after year, where we inform, educate and network people.

We cooperate with knowledge carriers from various industries and know what moves people in the capital goods industry professionally.

Our event services range from B2B events and webcasts to completely virtual events.



We inspire, inform and network people!

Corporate Events

Create your own B2B events with our help!

Event Tickets: Industry & Production

In addition to current topics from industry and production, you can expect top-class speakers, exchanges with experts and suitable opportunities for networking at our specialist events.

ETT Spare Parts Conference Buy Ticket

ETT - Spare parts conference

Immerse yourself in the future of spare parts management! Experience a revolution in spare parts supply and discover how innovations are reshaping the industry. Find out how the future of spare parts supply is evolving and what ground-breaking changes are in store for you. Be ready for the next level in spare parts management!

Industry Congress 2024 - 04-05 July 2024, IMLAUER Hotel Schloss Pichlarn

The high-calibre annual meeting of the manufacturing industry! At the Industry Congress, you will learn how crises influence leadership and discover key competences for successful leadership in uncertain times. Be part of an inspiring discussion about the challenges and opportunities of leadership in an ever-changing world.

Buy autstanding ticket

Factory Conference 2024 - 03.10.2024, ENGEL Austria, St. Valentin


Together with Fraunhofer Austria, INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN honours the best factory in Austria and brings the winners on stage for you. As the Hall of Fame of the last few years proves: whether a corporation or an SME - everyone has a chance, because the only thing that counts is the will to continuously improve.

Buy Maintenance Conference ticket

Maintenance Conference

Maintenance thought through practically: Which digital maintenance tools pay off? How do you keep an overview of constantly developing new technologies? How do I organise the maintenance of my machines in-house? What are the advantages and disadvantages of external maintenance? And how do you maintain a robot?

Event Tickets: Construction and Building Technology

Meet colleagues from the industry at the Ventilation Technology Day or the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Day. Discuss innovations at the TGA Conference. The SOLID BIM Conference offers a platform for the construction and BIM community.


Technology in the hospital

WEKA Industrie Medien and ÖVKT are organising the industry meeting for hospital technology - Technology in Hospitals - for the 11th time. This year the meeting will take place at the Floridsdorf Clinic and you can expect not only outstanding speakers from the fields of building planning, architecture and technology, but there will also be a technical tour of the Floridsdorf Clinic, a special highlight to take a look behind the facades of this ultra-modern hospital.

TGA Ticket

TGA Conference

Refurbishment is becoming the main beacon of hope for building technology in times of a lull in new construction. Optimising existing buildings, such as hydraulic balancing and partial renovations, is becoming a model for success for planners, installers and property operators. Electricity could become the most important energy source, and the "all-electric society" is beginning in building technology. Photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and energy monitoring systems ensure that not a single kilowatt hour is wasted.

The TGA conference provides the answers to the efficient generation, utilisation, storage and control of energy.

Austrian Air & Cooling Innovention

Austrian Air & Cooling Innovention

The Austrian Society of Refrigeration (ÖGKT), the independent network of those interested in refrigeration air-conditioning heat pump technology and the HVAC bring experts to this event, because there are some challenges to overcome.

Event Tickets: Automotive and Transport

Here you can buy tickets for the next car test day, the event organised by firmenwagen and INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN. Experience the latest vehicle models during a test drive and exchange ideas with the industry.

car test day event ticket

Car Test Day - The Mobility Day for Managers

The car test day of "Firmenwagen" and Industriemagazin, created for all driving-enthusiastic managers and fleet managers. True to the motto "Back to the roots", our next car test day will once again take place at the ÖAMTC Fahrtechnikzentrum in Teesdorf.

Exclusive B2B webinars for you and your company

Our B2B Webinars are from Industry experts designed for insiders and interested parties.

Draw from our wide range of offers on topics such as Industry 4.0, production optimisation, potential recognition and much more. Find out how Industrial AI is used and what areas of application there are for Artificial intelligence still exists. The speakers will provide you with premium contentto increase the success of your business.

Or educate yourself on a personal level.

Register for the desired webinar and get new impulses!

Event services

WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH is a multimedia company specialising in specialist media and information services in various industrial sectors.
We offer a wide range of services focussing on the organisation of events, conferences and seminars. 

Our speciality is the organisation and implementation of specialist conferences and congresses that focus on specific branches of industry. These events provide platforms for the exchange of expertise, networking and presentations of new technologies or services and also serve as a Networking events, where experts from different companies and sectors come together to exchange experiences and establish potential business partnerships.

You can have this

  • Become a partner at our existing B2B events and benefit from the first-class image of our Event brands
  • Create your own B2B events with our help. Benefit from our expertise and our contacts in your target group
        • We advise you on how to work with live, Virtual or hybrid events Achieve your goals
        • We develop for you Event conceptsthat you can implement yourself
        • We offer you access to target groups outside your customer base
        • If required, we can handle the entire event for you: as a face-to-face event or virtually: trade fairs, conferences & Webinars

What makes us different

  • We are part of the industryLook forward to an exchange with recognised experts
  • We are input providers: Advanced training with current & solution-orientated topics at the highest level
  • We are organisational masters: Conceived in a targeted manner and professionally implemented
  • We are B2B marketing nerdsWhether print, online or social media, we offer an optimal solution
  • We are digital nativesExpertise for virtual events, from the app and Twitter wall to LED presentation surfaces
  • We understand youCreating common ground and focussing on quality

Event services | Corporate events

With our customised events, we offer your target group the right environment for networking and knowledge transfer. Choose us as your partner and event organiser and we will support you from brainstorming, through the concept and planning phase, to marketing and smooth implementation on site.

Together with our editorial teams, we also offer you the perfect professional background and the right platform to address your target group. Use our reach as a media company to distribute your content!

Event services | B2B live events, congresses & conferences

With 25 events per year, we precisely meet the interests of the decision-makers in the respective sectors. Use our leading industry meeting points for networking and discussions at eye level.
At our first-class B2B events, knowledge transfer is guaranteed through cutting-edge and practice-relevant content!

Event service | Virtual B2B events

Last year, your company also took an enormous step towards digitalisation? With us you can now even Product exhibitions, Congresses, Trade fairs and many different others Virtual event formats implement.


How it works

  1. JOINT INITIAL DISCUSSION | Definition of topics and target groups
  2. PROJECT KICK-OFF | Discussion of the Next Steps on the basis of a project plan
  3. IMPLEMENTATION OF YOUR EVENT FORMAT | With weekly jour fixes for voting
  4. LIVE EVENT | Technical support for your entire event - with us you are in good hands
  5. FEEDBACK INTERVIEW | How satisfied were your customers? How satisfied are you? We would like to know this to make the next joint event even better
  6. REBOOKER | You would like to organise your event again next year? No problem - we even have special offers for you for this purpose
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This is the team behind the events

With a lot of heart and professional know-how, we organise live events, virtual congresses and webinars in close cooperation with our various editorial teams, spread throughout the year.

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