B2B video production for companies - visual storytelling as a game changer

The digital transformation is driving the world of industry faster than ever! The changes brought about by digitalisation and automation are influencing industries and companies worldwide. This change does not stop at communication. We are at the forefront of these changes and accompany this transformation with our cameras. Behind every technological advance are the people who make it possible and drive it forward. We are focussing on these people.

The rapid development in domestic and international industry brings with it many challenges for people and technology. We understand this challenge and want to visualise this change. Our video productions capture the innovations that are pointing the way to the future in a modern way. From automated production to artificial intelligence - we help you to present these complex developments in an understandable and captivating way.

We have dedicated ourselves to visual storytelling and offer Customised solutions to communicate your message effectively. Our creative teams use innovative technologies to tell your story and put your product centre stage. Through holistic communication consulting, we turn the transformation of the industry into an exciting audiovisual journey together.



Thanks to the technical expertise of our Editorial offices current and relevant topics are presented in TV and online video formats on a weekly basis in a professional, modern and sophisticated manner. The B2B video formats offer the optimal framework to present your Contents prepare audiovisually and present it to the right target audience.


The first programme with a focus on Austrian industry

Every week, we provide information on current and relevant topics from Austrian and international industry. As Austria's only news programme with a special focus on industry-relevant content, Industriemagazin News provides insights into domestic developments and companies. With expert talks and in-depth studio interviews with company representatives from the industry as well as well-researched articles on special topics, the programme provides weekly information on the latest developments and trends in the industry. In order to reach the target group around the Austrian managers in industry to reach as many people as possible, we play on the following channels live and on demand on Linkedin, youtube and our WEKA channels.

Every Wednesday at 11:30 am. On, LinkdedIn and YouTube.


Focus on the construction industry - news, background, analyses

Solid Bau TV provides insights into the strategies of both construction companies and companies that manufacture products for the construction industry, as well as all other stakeholders such as architects, software manufacturers, interest groups and more. With expert talks and in-depth studio interviews with company representatives as well as contributions on special topics, the programme provides information on the latest projects, developments and trends in the construction industry every fortnight. 

Solid Bau TV is played out on all target group-relevant channels such as YouTube (live and on demand), Linkedin and our WEKA channels and advertised in our own and partner newsletters.

Multimedia 360 degree offers from WEKA Industrie Medien

WEKA Industrie Medien is much more than a video production company.

We offer you everything you need for your company's multimedia presence. We skilfully combine print, online and multimedia and provide you with that certain something for your presentation in every medium, suitably prepared for the respective channel.

Added value instead of duplicate content is the motto here.

We will be happy to sit down with you and put together the right overall package for you so that you get the presence you want on our channels.

Your contact person
Lukas Kreč


Thanks to the many years of experience of our TV and sound team, WEKA Industrie Medien can provide you with your Contents Customised as required audiovisually. We know how to respond to the requirements of our customers and guide them through the complex production of a video.

Industry reports

A day in your production environment

The importance of reputation at various levels is becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector of industry. So it's time to tell your story visually. We accompany daily processes and challenges in everyday production for our customised video and TV reports to capture exclusive insights that would otherwise remain hidden. Our cameras capture the fascinating stories and innovations that drive your industry. Let us tell your success story and share your achievements with the world. Through stunning, visual coverage that emphasises your uniqueness.

MAGAZINE articles

Up-to-date and relevant

Is your company currently undergoing industry-relevant developments that need to be seen and heard in the industry? A magazine article about new innovations, strategies or a specific product development offers opportunities to bring relevant topics into the focus of the industry in a current and modern way. Our high-quality content and visual productions give your brand a voice that is heard. Show why your company is a leader and convince customers and stakeholders with inspiring success stories that ensure topicality and relevance on our industry-relevant channels and beyond.

B2B product videos

Your product in the right light

At Product in Picture, your new products and innovations take centre stage and are presented by your experts in conversation with our editors. Enriched with additional video and photo material, we give your products the necessary stage for a deep dive into your product world and offer a solution to a problem that you may not have known about before.

What else can we offer you? A few things.

Event videos

The highlight of every event

Our event video productions in the B2B sector of the industry offer professional and high-quality solutions for your corporate event. We capture and present important moments and highlights of your events in professional quality. From product launches and conferences to trade show appearances, our video productions convey your message effectively and captivatingly. Let us turn your events into impressive, visual stories that will appeal to and impress your target group, even after the event. Whether it's for your own website, social media channels or TV, we think multimedia production to suit the desired channels.

Image videos | advertising film | social media

Make your company stand out

The presentation of one's own company, core competences or certain product solutions and their development can often be best realised via moving images. A company's image is more important than ever. Values, competences and successes are best told by the people who represent you. With specialist background knowledge and high-quality production expertise, we work with you to develop your core messages and then realise them specifically for your target group.

Streaming services

Spread your message

Whether you want to livestream product and company presentations or make your event accessible to a wider audience via live video. We can set up the streaming options you require. Our video offerings include press conferences, webinars, virtual events, online presentations and much more. The conference can take place in our TV studio or we can stream it from the desired location. We are also happy to set up and provide technical support for webinars.

Video production from WEKA Industrie Medien

You wish, we stream! Our 80 square metre studio is equipped with a green screen and can be individually designed and branded according to customer requirements. Press conferences, studio talks, podcasts, company or product presentations, we produce at the highest level in the best picture and sound quality.

In addition to the in-house Weekly News for the Industrial Sector, we make our studio itself available for rent. Book only the Studio or the complete Video production.


You want to present your offer, your product or your company? We create corporate videos for you that are aimed at your desired target groups and put your business in the spotlight. 

  • Charge your brand with a convincing Image video at
  • A Explainer video is suitable for complex products, describes services or is used for service or training purposes
  • A Product video shows purpose, possible uses and the uniqueness of your offer
  • Recruiting videos make you tangible as an employer, arouse interest in open positions and generate trust
  • A Social Media Video for Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook brings your digital marketing forward
  • The Advertising film in the classic sense is always in demand and is successfully implemented for you by our video professionals
  • Lead Interviews on specialist topics that appeal to your stakeholders. Use the desired format for your video marketing and convince employees, customers and partners.
  • You would like a live Stream of product or company presentations? Or do you want to bring your event to life via live stream? No problem, we can set up the streaming options you want.

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