B2B lead generation:
Your path to qualified new customers and leads

We enable you to obtain new B2B leads quickly and reliably.


Secure lead generation


Comprehensive B2B database


Target group selection without wastage

We offer high-quality B2B leads with differentiated approaches: From the  customised campaign up to the qualification of the lead - benefit from our many years of professional expertise for effective Lead generation & lead nurturing.


B2B Leads - With Expertise we create trust.

In today's dynamic economy, it is of the utmost importance to not only B2B leads but also to ensure that these leads are qualified and ready for further business relationships. That is our speciality. One of our methods for achieving this goal is the creation of customised Webinars and Whitepapers, that provide you with fresh leads every month. Building on this, we offer Support for your sales organisation and process the leads on request up to the Appointment or quotation.

We are a reliable and established Partner for SMEs in the following sectors: manufacturing industry, building technology, construction industry and automotive. Our strategies effectively support the Cold calling in the B2B segment in Austria. We offer opportunities to buy B2B leads and include targeted Sales support measures, to maximise your success.

B2B leads

We will be happy to advise you on the right
lead campaign for your goals.

Extensive B2B database

Secure access to the constantly growing network
of qualified B2B sales contacts. Filter by function,
hierarchy, sector, postcode and much more.

Arrange a free initial consultation on B2B lead generation now.

We offer you the opportunity to take part in a free &
non-binding conversation to find potential lead machines for you.

Portrait Josip Coric

"Webinars bring experts to the table and high-quality leads into the funnel. The perfect format, which in combination Brand Awareness and quality leads." - Josip Coric (Head of Marketing, bösch)


B2B lead generation: We use our extensive database for you with 180,000 decision-makers.

Thanks to our carefully compiled and maintained database of over 180,000 contacts we can carry out an extremely granular selection. For you, this means: access to precisely defined target groups that have been specifically selected for your industry and needs.

With us you can reach not just any lead, but exactly the one that promises the greatest value for your business.

Comprehensive database
with relevant industry functions

We filter our extensive database for you by industry (Önace)
and functions and get your message across.

Reaching the target group:
select, granulate, optimise

180,000 contacts from industry, construction and building technology with dozens of functions and interests. From CEOs and fire safety officers to mayors.

 # Functions at a glance

      Exemplary selection




Marketing experts

Building technician

Sales Experts

Examples of other functions in companies

Spare parts logisticians, production managers, CTO, CDO, CISO, IT, after sales managers, plant managers, building technicians, maintenance managers, fire protection officers, plumbers, electricians, facility managers, sales managers, marketing managers, mayors, architects, civil engineers, fleet managers, car workshop managers, car dealership owners, hauliers.

Which target group are you looking for? We can certainly help you!


What they say satisfied customers to our B2B lead services.

Portrait Markus Maier

Our webinar on the topic 'Backstage - Insights into the MES project at voestalpine Böhler Welding' was a complete success. We were able to make some new contacts and rekindle old ones. The format has the potential to be repeated. The technical preparation, the moderation, the follow-up - everything was very professional. We were well looked after.

Markus Maier

Team Leader Corporate Marketing, Industrie Informatik GmbH

Portrait Jelena Djokic

We are confident that these lead generation measures have contributed to this, Build long-term relationships with potential customers. It was particularly positive that the participants received further documentation and a recording afterwards. We were very satisfied with the outcome of the round table and would recommend this format to others. The team is highly professional and the collaboration was fun.

Jelena Djokic

Sales Marketing Specialist, LEDVANCE GmbH

Portrait of Kerstin Ehgartner

The webinar on the topic of heat pumps in renovation was a successful event for us, enabling us to Generate important leads and inform our important partners such as installers, planners and property operators who are willing to renovate about heating renovation.

Kerstin Ehgartner

Marketing manager, Austria Email AG

Thomas Wandler & Theodor Uljanov

  We have enjoyed working with WEKA Industrie Medien for many years. 
Whether joint events, content input or whitepaper campaigns, we communicate and work on an equal footing. Hardly any other partner speaks the language of the industry as clearly and understands the topics of our target group as well as the WEKA team. This enables us to minimise wastage in our communication! As a leading purchasing optimiser, our focus is exactly right here.

Thomas Wandler & Theodor Uljanov

Managing Director & Senior Partner (from left), Kloepfel Consulting GmbH


Benefit from our expertise:
From the customised campaign until the qualification of the lead

B2B leads with


B2B leads with


Sales support


Advantage: B2B database

Gain access to more than 180,000 B2B sales contacts. 

Customised campaigns

Target achievement: For companies looking to address their target group directly and achieve SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)

Target group: Granular target group identification according to industry and function in the company

Cost transparency: We guarantee a certain number of leads, depending on the target group

Method: Thematic consulting, moderation, technical realisation, invitation management & application, follow-up support, reporting & lead handover, video editing in your design

Add-on: Follow-up of SQLs until quotation or appointment is made in your name

Target achievement: For companies looking to address their target group directly and achieve SQL (Sales Qualified Leads)

Target group: Granular target group identification according to industry and function in the company

Cost transparency: We guarantee a certain number of leads, depending on the target group

Method: Thematic consulting, moderation, technical realisation, invitation management & application, follow-up support, reporting & lead handover, video editing in your design

Add-on: Whitepaper creation by our specialist editorial teams, whitepaper seal as a sign of quality, follow-up of SQLs until quotation or appointment agreement on your behalf


Leads won, appointment still pending? We actively support your sales team.

Do you already have lists and contacts, for example from marketing campaigns or trade fairs? Do you lack the time or resources to process these lists and arrange appointments? We professionally follow up your leads and implement measures that effectively lead your sales organisation to new customers - whether it's making appointments or submitting offers.


How do you achieve this with Whitepapers B2B leads?

If you have a product or service that is intended for one or more target groups, we will work with you to create a white paper that describes the benefits of your product or service. We then publish the whitepaper on our channels and distribute it to your desired target group via our extensive database. On average, such a white paper generates up to 30 fresh leads per month.

Interested parties who wish to read the white paper must leave their contact details. We will make this data available to you or, if desired, we will qualify it further - until an appointment is made or an offer is submitted (sales as a service).


How do you achieve this with Webinars B2B leads?

Our specialist editors will organise a live webinar together with you. Based on your topics, we create a list of potential participants who we invite to the webinar. Each acceptance already counts as a lead. On average, we generate up to 50 leads per webinar; depending on the topic and target group, this figure can vary between 20 and 100 leads. You determine the data depth of the information collected (name, company, e-mail, function). On request, we can further qualify these leads with our sales experts until an appointment is made or an offer is submitted.


We are open for Questions.

Is the purchase of B2B leads GDPR-compliant?

Of course, we cannot simply sell you contacts. In the course of a content marketing strategy such as webinars or whitepapers, the lead actively agrees to hand over their contact to you.

Where do the leads come from?

As a media company with 12 print/online trade magazines and various event formats, we have been able to build up an extensive data pool of contacts from the automotive, industrial and construction/building technology sectors over the years. We work with these contacts ourselves, so we recognise the high quality of this wealth of data.

What can I expect from "sales support"?

With our "Sales as a Service", we are your external sales staff. We offer your company customised sales support that integrates seamlessly into your existing processes and expands them in order to achieve your sales targets faster and more efficiently.

Our services include

  • Lead generation: We identify potential customers who may have a genuine interest in your products or services. By using proven strategies such as webinars, whitepapers & telephone acquisition, we maximise your chances of attracting high-quality leads.
  • Lead qualification: Not all leads are created equal. Our professionals evaluate and qualify leads to ensure your sales reps focus their time and resources on the most promising opportunities.
  • Make an appointment: If desired, we can not only take care of lead generation and qualification, but also arrange appointments. We ensure that your sales staff make contact with the right decision-makers to maximise your sales opportunities.

Are there more industries than those listed?

Yes, write to us Mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are the leads guaranteed?

As our customer, you only pay for the leads that we can reach and qualify for you. Our sales team will be happy to advise you and work with you to develop a customised package. Whether lead-based or a fixed fee - we are flexible.

B2B lead generation: Arrange a free initial consultation now.

We offer you the opportunity to take part in a free &
to discuss your lead generation challenges.

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