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Jana Neugebauer, BBA

Tel.: +43-1-40410-440


Facebook Messenger:


And of course also in the live chat!

We've added some pretty useful tools to our tecfindr tech-finding engine over the last few weeks. From now on, for example, you can chat live with our tecfindr product manager when you visit the site. But that's not all by a long shot.

Why don't you go to Now. Provided you do this during the week and not necessarily at bedtime, you will notice a small blue box at the bottom left of the home page. Feel free to click on it. This way you can immediately start a virtual conversation - not with a bot, but with Jana Neugebauer, our new product manager of our technology finder tecfindr.

A few days ago, we installed a live chat on the site to help you get immediate answers on how to use Austria's only technology finding engine - whether you want to search for suppliers yourself or create your own company profile. The live chat is certainly one of those tools that significantly increases the utility value of tecfindr and thus its attractiveness for searchers and finders.

Have you already talked to Jana Neugebauer? Then here comes the second stop on our journey of discovery. As you will notice, the menu bar at the bottom right of the homepage has become much wider. If you click on "Blog", you will notice that many new blogposts have been added, which will help you to appreciate the range of functions offered by tecfindr. You want to know how to make your company profile as attractive as possible?how to write an appealing company description or how to choose the right pictures? You need a few Arguments why your company should also be present in tecfindr or why you could use it regularly for your supplier search? You would like to help with the design and placement of your logo do everything right? In the tecfindr blog you will find the solutions for all these basics - and much more in the future.

Enough reading? Then follow us to the third stop on our tecfindr journey. For this, however, you need a company entry. If your company is already represented in tecfindr, you can manage your profile directly from the homepage. Simply click on "My profile".

You will read more about our tecfindr here in the coming weeks and months - more about new features, more about new ideas. But we would also like to read something from you. Take your time to look around tecfindr and tell us which features you would like to see, which improvements you would like to see. Because tecfindr is your search engine.

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