The guests at our launch event had to brave wind speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour to really take off with us: our agency presentation at the Windobona indoor skydiving centre was not only about marketing at a new altitude. See the best pictures of the evening and the video of the party.

He didn't get into a wingsuit after all, but why do we need our Agency B2Impact of all things in an indoor skydiving hall, Managing Director Florian Zangerl explained quite impressively on this evening: "In fact, wind tunnel, wingsuit and the foundation of our agency fit together quite wonderfully: When you later climb into this wind tunnel, you will feel how closely the effect of your flight manoeuvres interacts with the result of your flight, how even small movements will make you rise high or sink slowly and how little it ultimately takes to achieve the desired flight result."

It's a similar story with B2B marketing: it's all about the details to make a campaign fly - and of course the right analysis of the conditions. "We call ourselves an "agency for impact and results" and what that means for you is that we work with you to develop the paths to a campaign goal, paying particular attention to two factors: the highest possible degree of impact of each individual campaign step and the measurability of the result. The most important and strongest lever for us is always what used to be called content: Content, of course," says Zangerl.

Apparently, most of our guests wanted to explore the effect of thermals in a sheltered area that evening: the flight slots were fully booked within minutes and the air shows with the professionals from Windobona were a spectacle.

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