Year in review: What kept us particularly busy in 2019

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An extraordinary festival, a magazine relaunch on napkins, cultivated conversations, a lot of content marketing and a start-up: we present our review of the highlights of 2019 - and thus already anticipate a little of what will also keep us busy in 2020.

1. at Café Ansari

It began with Georgian cuisine and ended with napkins full of lists and sketches: if you think that magazine relaunches are exclusively created during well-structured brainstorming sessions in sober meeting rooms, the relaunch of our magazine "Autlook" may break this expectation of our guild. After all, the goal of our table talk was already clear to us during the main course: we wanted to bring "Autlook" not only visually closer to today's reception habits, but above all establish a structure that does justice to the role of print in our on-demand media world.

The - to stay in culinary terminology - fillet piece of the new "Autlook" is a long magazine section in which experts take on a technological topic from the world of automation in opinion pieces and the diversity of these opinions can be a point of orientation for decision-makers in the respective industry.

The evening with Georgian cuisine was followed by four months of intensive planning work in sober conference rooms. And: to test our readers' reaction to the Relunach, Editor-in-Chief Klaus Paukovits - rather uniquely for trade media - produced a dummy and sent it to around 300 decision-makers asking them to rate the new "Autlook". We then incorporated the findings from this survey into the final version - after all, it is important to us that our media are consumed with pleasure.

Read the first issue of the new "Autlook" from April 2019 here.

By the way, we highly recommend the Borani at Café Ansari in Vienna.

2. and suddenly we are gainers

The fact that our event department, headed by Beatrice Schmidt, organises around 20 conferences and congresses per year in a highly professional manner is now almost taken for granted. But with the Gainer Festival, our event managers orchestrated a two-day festival that exceeded all previous standards: 800 visitors, dozens of speakers, plus workshops and master classes on a topic that is often discussed but rarely dealt with in this intensity: digitalisation.

See some impressions from the first Gainer Festival in October 2019 in Linz. There will of course be another Gainer Festival next year. Read more here.

3. tables of contents

From Awareness to Consideration and up to Purchase In our opinion, content is becoming the foundation of marketing. - Among other things, because only coherent content makes marketing a product per se - an information product.

Last spring, we published a study for the first time in Austria that looked at the sensitivities of Austrian B2B companies to content marketing. It was presented at our Digiday 2019 in March - and You can download the summary here.

Content marketing, that's for sure, will also play a role with us in the coming year - a stronger one than ever. But you can read about that in highlight number 5.

We have one more offer for you, namely a dialogue offer: if you would like to exchange ideas with us and others about content marketing in the B2B context, then we would like to recommend our Content Marketing group on LinkedIn. 

4. at the listening bar

We now also have something for your ears. After our magazine TGA already published several months ago with "Thirst for Knowledge" a not at all superfluous podcast on the subject of water, there is now also an industry magazine podcast. for friends of cultivated conversation. We predict that you will hear even more from us in the coming year.

5. we don't just want to make your campaigns fly

If you've read highlight number 3, then you know what's coming next - a little bit, anyway. It's about content marketing again. But also about performance. In any case, about everything that really brings impact in B2B marketing. Because impact is the central motif of an undertaking that we will start in January: after we have already been working for several years on this topic. B2B customers digital, content-driven campaigns, we are now bundling the classic expertise of a publishing house as a content manager in our own agency: it will be called B2Impact. The launch will be celebrated on 21 January 2020 in Vienna - hopefully together with you. And we promise: we will not only make your campaigns fly.

You can register for the big foundation party in Vienna in January here.

This video also tells you more.

Look in the rear-view mirror: B2IMPACT - The agency for impact and results

We make you fly. On 21 January at the launch party of our new agency B2Impact in Vienna. Here you can take off!

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