Content marketing is the antidote to consumers' advertising fatigue, which is often ineffective, especially in digital media. In any case, trust in the effect of content marketing seems to be high. 

According to a recently published survey of our house among 150 marketing managers from the B2B sector, more than 75 percent of those surveyed believe that content marketing would bring them a higher ROI on their marketing budget than classic marketing measures. And marketing managers also know what they want to achieve with content marketing: According to the study, the most important goal that marketers want to achieve with the distribution of useful content is image building and reputation enhancement, followed by brand awareness.

But to be honest: there is more than enough content. This is called the "content shock". It is not the amount of content or the greed for reach that are determining factors for the success of content marketing. But rather strategy, finely constructed topic setting, the change of creative perspective, the selection of the right environment, craftsmanship and much more.

We design and produce integrated digital campaigns using the entire spectrum of digital tools from text to social media to video. In doing so, we bundle the In-house competence Our editors and experts will do the work for you, fit the campaign seamlessly into your marketing strategy and play out the content either in our online media or on your platforms. And most importantly, we are happy to optimise your existing content so that it performs better.

The software manufacturer SAP, the electronics manufacturer Samsung or the European marketing organisation Printpower are just some of the clients who rely on our campaign implementation.


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