The success of a brand is not only measured by its performance, but also by its ability to adapt to the changing needs of its target group. WEKA Industrie Medien GmbH is an exemplary pioneer in this respect, as demonstrated by the recently won European Digital Publishing Prize in the category "Digital Relaunch underlines. This prestigious award recognises the exemplary digital transformation of the trade media house and in particular its flagship magazine INDUSTRIEMAGAZIN, which has been progressing steadily since the beginning of 2021.

As a trusted source of information for decision-makers from various industries, WEKA Industrie Medien has firmly established itself with 12 print titles and digital magazine websites. Its portfolio ranges from industry to construction to the automotive sector and offers customised content specifically tailored to readers' interests.

But WEKA Industrie Medien goes beyond the traditional publishing model. It operates a Own studiowhere weekly newscasts for some of the magazines are produced for TV and video streaming. This multimedia approach expands the portfolio, which in addition to printed and digital magazines also includes Content marketing and corporate publishing projects and operates a variety of web portals. Events in various formats, be it live, hybrid or virtual, are also part of the offer, as are articles, professional TV formats, videos and podcasts.

At the centre of the portfolio is the INDUSTRIAL MAGAZINE, the leading medium for the Austrian manufacturing industry. With a circulation of about 23,000 print copies and around 450,000 unique users per year, it provides relevant information, trends, rankings and news for the technical and commercial leadership of the industry.

The basis of the successful digital relaunch and the award of the European Digital Publishing Prize was intensive project management. With the takeover of the management by Beatrice Schmidt in January 2021 and the establishment of Patricia Schubirsch as CDO, a decisive step was taken towards the digital transformation of the company. The complexity in many phases of the project was quite considerable, Patricia Schubirsch sums up, especially in view of the tight schedule set by the management of 12 months.  Central to this was the restructuring of the editorial offices and the improvement of internal communication.

The strategic planning process and the definition of the technical requirements for the relaunch started in March 2021, supported by more efficient and time-saving communication between the digital department and the editorial teams. After extensive data cleansing was carried out from the previously existing silos, the migration of the article databases in connection with the user data into a big data cloud could be completed. Finally, at the end of December 2021, a new Online shop successfully integrated and in January 2022 the new magazine websites went online.

WEKA Industrie Medien plans to further expand its WEKA PRIME service in 2023. The focus here is on the introduction of a personalised homepage "My News" and the provision of interactive dashboards for editors in the CMS in order to better understand user behaviour and respond to readers' needs.

Winning the European Digital Publishing Prize in the "Digital Relaunch" category is a decisive milestone for WEKA Industrie Medien and a confirmation of its successful digital transformation. But the company is not resting on its laurels - instead it is working continuously to provide its readers and customers with high-quality multimedia content in every form and to continue to establish itself as a leading trade media house in the B2B sector.

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