Yes, we are founding an agency for B2B marketing. It will be called B2Impact - Agency for Impact and Results. Why we are doing this and what the name is all about (quite a lot, in fact), we explain here.

B2Impact - Agentur für Wirkung und Ergebnis (Agency for Impact and Results) is the name of the newly founded agency unit of our trade media house WEKA Industrie Medien. Effect and result are what B2B companies in particular clearly expect from their marketing campaigns: "Especially in the B2B sector, companies are setting their communication goals more and more precisely and therefore also increasingly expect measurability of their measures. With our set of services, grouped around the central element of content, we can define the right ways to achieve the respective communication goal," says Florian Zangerl, Managing Director of WEKA Industrie Medien.

B2Impact is to bundle in particular the know-how of our house in content marketing as well as creative services in the B2B sector. "We believe that our experience with the communication challenges of many B2B companies and our proximity to the market give us the necessary foundation to be able to support our customers with practicable marketing strategies with an agency unit within the publishing house," says Zangerl.

In the last three years, our communications house has been able to strongly increase its service turnover and already accompanies B2B clients in communicative transformation processes. "What is clear to us is that a massive shift in marketing focus can be observed, especially in the B2B sector: owned media, whether digital or perhaps even printed, are becoming company-critical marketing inventory," says Zangerl.

With the founding of B2Impact, we are also taking into account an obvious trend: everything that was marketing is becoming content and much that is content is becoming marketing. As a trade media company that has been investing massively in the quality of its content across all channels for years and is particularly pushing the development of its own online editorial team for more than a dozen publishing titles, the founding of B2Impact is actually a logical step for us.

In addition to Florian Zangerl, Beatrice Schmidt, responsible for the Live Marketing division at WEKA Industrie Medien, and Martin Schwarz, Head of Digital Media & Digital Products at WEKA Industrie Medien, manage the agency.

The launch of B2Impact will be celebrated on Tuesday, 21 January 2020 at a somewhat unusual location: Austria's largest indoor skydiving hall Windobona in Vienna's Prater.

Fly with us

Come to the B2Impact event in Vienna's Prater on Tuesday, 21 January and be our guest at the launch of an extraordinary agency. Experience a spectacular air show in Austria's largest indoor skydiving hall or fly yourself through the wind tunnel under professional guidance.

Managing Director Florian Zangerl: "Owned media, whether digital or perhaps even print, is becoming a business-critical marketing inventory."
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