Are you already looking forward to the next virtual team meeting on Zoom or Microsoft Teams? Because not everyone has impressive walls of books or the finest antique fixtures in their home, we have designed beautiful backgrounds for you that you can download here and use for your next online meeting.

The background should be neutral, should not reveal too much of the participant's personal preferences, and under no circumstances should frippery in the interior distract from the actual meeting: now that we are all in the home office and only hold our meetings digitally, an etiquette has also developed as to what is and what is not possible in online meetings - and especially: what the background should look like.

But not everyone has an impressive bookshelf or noble antique furniture in their own home to convince colleagues of their own exquisite taste. That is why some providers of online meetings now offer the possibility to upload their own backgrounds. Only a few days ago, Microsoft introduced such a solution for its Teams software, which is somewhat brittle in appearance. Now you can also Change the background here relatively easily and upload your own motifs.

Also works for Zoom, the big competitor uploading your own background is very easy. 

For those who need just that, our art director Nicole Fleck has created four backgrounds for virtual meetings: from psychedelic to scenic. Make your next team meeting a visual experience and simply download your favourite backgrounds now here!

Have fun!

Download the background that suits you here

Versions for Microsoft Teams

Versions for Zoom

Versions for smartphones

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