You don't have a content marketing plan yet? We do. And it's free to download for your company.

Shocking. Two out of three communication executives in Germany believe that content marketing is achieves a better effect than classical advertising. Undoubtedly, this expectation will also lead to a reallocation of marketing budgets. Publishers will react to this, by developing their service and product portfolios in this direction and on behalf of their advertising clients the Bundle the creation of useful content with the distribution of that content.. Because they know all about content and its effect on the audience.

But the effectiveness of content marketing is probably even more dependent on technical expertise, knowledge of storytelling, the right topic setting and - often underestimated - the right topic timing. If all this is not precisely structured, the expectations of those responsible for communication in content marketing will not be fulfilled. Content marketing is also a journalistic discipline.

To help you put your content marketing activities into a simple plan and make them up, we have developed this spreadsheet. In it, you will find all the essential parameters to consider in content marketing, contains tables that you can edit directly and outlines persona characters that you absolutely need.

Simply download our spreadsheet now and start with your personal plan.

Good luck!

Your spreadsheet

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