Do companies need to produce more content to make their content more visible? Rather the opposite is the case. We told you how content marketing can be structured at our Digital Fridays webinar. Watch the replay of our virtual seminar here.
Mark Schaefer, one of the most respected communications professionals in the USA, already knew it in 2014: "A 'cover the world with content' marketing focus will not be a long-term sustainable strategy for many businesses". Even then, Schaefer was convinced that we are heading for a state in which the amount of content far exceeds our capacity to absorb it. The effect that follows from this is one that we are sufficiently familiar with on the web: Content marketing is similar to Google, Facebook, Twitter or Amazon: More and more attention for less and less - exceptional - content, while mediocre content has problems attracting attention. Today, it is therefore essential to organise content in such a way that it can be found.

How to meet these challenges, which evergreen content works well and how to build content in a search engine friendly way was the topic of our free Digital Fridays webinar.

You can see the replay of the webinar here.


Martin Black, Head of Digital Media & Digital Products


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