"Every week I find out something new"

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"Every week I find out something new"

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Digital

What are you doing here?

From sports journalism to logistics and construction - Lilo Bolen is online editor for two of our magazines: Dispo and Solid. In the interview we find out what fascinates her about the two areas, where she would like to develop in the future and that she actually comes from a completely different field of journalism.

Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Lilo and I come from Vienna. But I also grew up partly in Baden - so I'm neither a complete city kid nor a complete country kid. I'm in my late 28s, I recently finished my Master's degree in English Literature and I'm here now.

How did you come to WEKA Industrie Medien?

I saw an online advertisement that immediately appealed to me in terms of all the parameters. I applied directly and was here after two rounds of applications.

What exactly do you do with us and what are your areas of work?

I'm in the online editorial team for the construction magazine Solid and the logistics magazine Dispo, and I write articles for the website of both media on an ongoing basis. It's definitely a fun transition from my last journalism job as a sports reporter. Here it's not only more interesting, but in a way even easier - because you don't have to constantly interview coaches who don't want to talk when they've lost a game 😉 .

What do you like about your work?

For me personally, the writing is the best part of my job. In a way, I almost don't get it anymore - the research is the more creative part for me, finding topics and figuring out how to make a topic into the best possible article.

Why Dispo and Solid?

Construction is a little easier for me because I have more of a connection to it. I don't exactly come from a technical background, but construction is definitely something that concerns us all. What I find interesting about logistics is that it is still a relatively new topic for me and I actually find out something new every week and read more and more into the subject. In reality, of course, logistics also affects all of us on a daily basis, even though we may often not realise it.

Was there a particularly exciting or funny experience you had with us so far?

With Martin Schwarz as boss, it's like that every day. You rarely have a boss whose expertise you can trust, but who still makes you laugh all the time!

Where would you like to develop with us in the future?

I definitely want to stay in journalism at WEKA Industrie Medien. I definitely want to develop further in my field. Since I haven't been there that long, I'll see what the future brings!

Would you like to know more about the logistics or construction industry? Simply contact Lilo Bolen via E-mail

Interview: Ricarda Huber

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