Bernhard Fragner is the new editor-in-chief of Dispo. He tells us in an exciting interview where his fascination for logistics comes from, how he came to this field and how he would like to increasingly take off in the online sector.

What fascinates you about logistics?

A logistician once answered me to the same question: "that logistics is by definition a perfect system". That sounds arrogant, of course, but it is not entirely untrue. We are permanently surrounded by logistics without noticing it in our everyday lives. We actually only notice when something doesn't work, and that is usually due to the users and rarely to the system. Seen in this light, logistics with its immanent perfection almost has an aesthetic component for me. Like a 147 break in snooker or the St Matthew Passion.

Logisticians are aesthetes?

Some do. In any case, the cliché of the warehouse clerk with a brown coat in the basement has not been fulfilled for a long time. In this industry, I experience highly specialised people with whom you can also discuss topics completely unrelated to logistics. Professionals, but no nerds. A very exciting mix.

Interview with Bernhard Fragner

Interview with Bernhard Fragner

And how did you end up with this topic?

Ultimately also through coincidences and personal encounters, like many specialist journalists. After graduating from high school and doing his civilian service, he studied medicine and biology for a few semesters while working as a paramedic. In view of the growing feeling that he did not want to work as a doctor, a complete reorientation. After an internship at the Kurier, ten years at a3-Wirtschaftsverlag, mainly marketing and media topics. Then three quarters of a year at Bohmann-Verlag, where the wonderful Peter Tajmar brought me into contact with logistics. About six years ago I came to Industriemagazin, where I have been in charge of logistics topics ever since.

How do you imagine "your" dispo before?

First of all, dispo is a medium with a remarkable tradition. The magazine will be 50 next year, which demands some respect from me. And I think the thematic mix of intralogistics, transport logistics and infrastructure topics basically fits as it is. It fulfils the claim of covering the entire spectrum of logistics. I would like to strengthen the research area in particular. In view of the fact that extremely exciting things are happening here, especially in Austria, we should not run out of research topics so quickly. We are also entering 2018 with a completely revised layout.

And online?

Of course, we have a lot of catching up to do, but this is a topic of almost all trade media. Online and Social media are no longer Merkel's "uncharted territory", but of course we are far from exploiting the possibilities. We will have to experiment here and sometimes abandon the paths we have taken - but above all we will intensify this area. For example, I find it extremely exciting to try out how far one-way communication can be supplemented with real dialogue. And what's more, via channels that all follow their own laws. In any case, we will proceed as boldly as possible.


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