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What are you actually doing here?
Eberhard Herrmann is editor-in-chief of HLK. In the interview he talks about the varied air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, what it has to do with bionics and nature, and the day he met Austria's Indiana Jones. 

Tell us something about yourself. What is your career history and how did you actually come to HLK?

I started working for Technopress as a young editor in 1988, and HLK was the specialised medium for which I then started working. Before that I worked for a shipping agency and for a special unit of the Austrian Armed Forces as a radio teletypewriter and had a few years of HTL with a focus on electrical engineering behind me.

What excites you about working for HVAC and why?

I find the versatility and the varied work, where no day is like the other, exciting. I especially like the fact that I get to work with many different and great people, who usually work on exciting projects.

What distinguishes HVAC for you?

I am actually suspicious of self-praise - every grocer praises his goods. But I think the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector is very well represented in HVAC, more so than in any other magazine in Austria. And we are in no way inferior in the other areas.

Editor-in-chief Eberhard Herrmann interviewed about the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector and its special features.

Editor-in-chief Eberhard Herrmann interviewed about the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector and its special features.

What is important to you personally as a reader of trade journals in this field and what do you value when reading them?

Paper and print! As far as content is concerned, I naturally love all kinds of technical innovations. Above all, I like to focus on practical details, but also on normative and legal changes. And the layout should be varied and structured at the same time.

The Climate-Cold Day 2017 is coming up. What is so special about this year's KK Day? What is it about?

This year's motto is: Air conditioning and refrigeration after 2020 - our buildings of the future. That actually already expresses the dynamics behind it. Among other things, it will be about natural refrigerants and the F-Gas Regulation. There are also many topics from areas other than the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector that keep the industry on its toes.

What are you particularly looking forward to on Climate-Cold Day?

To the conversations with the participants, and of course to all the lectures.

How did it come about that the physicist Ille Gebeshuber speaks at the Climate-Cold Day? What do you expect from her talk?

Bionics was already having an impact on the industry, and we wanted something from the research field that could have a lot of impact on the industry. I know that many more such topics will do that, and Ille Gebeshuber also describes some of them in her lecture. During a conversation I had with her at TU, she told me some exciting things, like about Indian mustard. The micro-cosmos to which she devotes herself also has highly exciting surprises in store.

With what knowledge should visitors leave the KK Day?

With the good gut feeling of being entrepreneurially prepared for the near future.

Finally, we would like to know what has been a special experience for you in your work so far, what in particular do you remember?

There were many great conversations and experiences with personalities from the HVAC industry. I especially remember Narziss Larger, the inventor of the steel radiator, because he experienced so many exciting historical events. For example, he fought with Louis Trenker in the First World War, he lived next door to Hans Moser, could tell many anecdotes and also corresponded with Thomas Alva Edison in his younger years. For me, he remains the Indiana Jones of Austria to the end.


Would you like to know more about the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry? You can reach Eberhard Herrmann by e-mail at eberhard.herrmann(at)

The interview was conducted by Ricarda Huber.

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