This is our B2B programme for DMEXCO 2019 - and maybe yours too

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Who has a tip for us on what else we should definitely not miss at DMEXCO? My colleague Ricarda Huber and I We look forward to receiving your suggestions and further programme tips.

We will, I promise, in any case tweet from Cologne and report back in this blog after our return.

Looking for even more inspiration for your B2B marketing? Then we recommend our B2B Marketing Congress on 22 October in Vienna.

631 speakers, 331 sessions: it's not easy to choose the right programme items for the conferences, panels and workshops at DMEXCO. We have clicked through and put together a programme for our visit - tailored to B2B marketing, of course. Perhaps it will also be a basis for your decision.

With the DMEXCO is like liquorice: you can love it or you can hate it. There are only a few emotional gradations in between. We are not quite sure yet in which direction it will develop for us, but one thing is certain: we will spend the two days mainly in conferences and workshops.

Of course, we are primarily concerned with inspiration for B2B marketing - and that's where we have put together a programme of visits that may also be an inspiration and decision-making aid for you.

Day 1

11 September 2019

10.00 am, Work Lab 2:

B2B lead generation via social media

Generating leads at reasonable prices via social media is becoming increasingly difficult for B2B companies, and the algorithms of the large platforms are becoming more and more inscrutable. Here you can supposedly learn how to use these channels for lead generation with simple means.

10.00, World of Agencies:

How many agencies does the client-man need? Full service vs. special agencies. Or in-house?

When the great Thomas Koch, who was already a speaker at our Digiday 2018is part of a panel, of course we have to be there. Because it's about a topic that is also important for us: how creative can media planning really be and are all agencies suddenly doing everything?

11.00, Seminar 7:

Scaling Branded Content

For us as Content marketing service provider and corporate publishers is of course a big issue: how can branded content still bring engagement in a densely populated media environment where adults already spend almost six hours a day with digital media? And how do different channels best play together in a media orchestra?

2.00 p.m., Seminar 1:

Customer Experience: Content as the key to the customer

One would like it: that companies think from the customer's point of view when creating content. But how must marketing redefine itself as a result? In this workshop, the tricky questions of customer-centric marketing will be asked.

3.20pm, World of Agencies:

Use marketing automation along the customer journey - build traffic, collect leads, win customers

All in one presentation: traffic, leads, customers. We are curious about the journey of the foreign customer, who at some point on the customer path becomes a loyal regular customer.

4.00 p.m., Seminar 5:

Belly tingling - a tribute to the forgotten KPI in content marketing

Tummy tingling as a KPI; a nice image, we think. Good content marketing, according to the thesis of this workshop, starts with the enthusiasm for one's own idea, only then come hard factors such as data use or qualitative environments.

Day 2

12 September 2019

10.00, Work Lab1:

B2B Customer Centricity along the customer interface

What prevents B2B marketing from consistently focusing on the needs of the customer? What roles do different departments play in the company and what goals does each have? Here you can obviously find out, how departmental boundaries obscure the view of customer needs - and how to break down these boundaries.

12.00, Seminar 8:

When physicists think about Marketing - Einstein's effect on Marketing

Einstein is not to be missed at DMEXCO. Here, a model is outlined with which companies can address the right customers at the right time in a change process. Let's see if the change also leads to the goal. After all, as Einstein once so aptly claimed: "Chopping wood is so popular because you see success immediately with this activity."

3.00 p.m., Seminar 4:

B2B Commerce meets Marketing & Sales Automation

How can decision-makers from the B2B sector use the potential in B2B commerce, how can they even recognise it? And how must customer portals be structured so that the customer is satisfied and conversion is high?

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