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Waste Management World

Waste Management World is the official magazine of the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA).

Both in print and online Waste Management World covers every aspect of the industry for waste management professionals. Coverage includes the latest products and technology, as well as policy and legislation affecting the industry.

Buyers and decision makers from waste service companies, waste generators, machinery manufacturers, distributors, traders, engineering firms, governments, waste and resource industry consultants rely on the high-value content of WMW.

With reports, analyses, videos and podcasts we bring you topics that move the waste and resource industry. There are regular news updates and detailed features looking at some of the most innovative projects being developed around the world.

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Waste Management World Whitepapers

iswa INC 2023 Cover

Key elements to beat plastic pollution

The waste and secondary resources management sector has a key role to play in achieving a plastic pollution-free environment contributing to the development of a successful international legally binding instrument.

Download Emissions Monitoring Handbook

Increase your Emissions Monitoring knowledge by downloading the guide free of charge! This handbook covers the topic of emissions monitoring and provides a comprehensive picture of continuous and long-term monitoring of emissions for large industrial and combustion plants.

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