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As the official magazine of the International Solid Waste Management Association (ISWA), the professional trade magazine Waste Management World is covering all aspects of the waste and resources industries. It is the only global magazine that is examining the latest developments and innovations from the recycling, waste to energy and biowaste.

Our special interest magazine WMW covers topics such as collecting and handling, circular economy, waste streams, recycling facilities and machines. Subscribers and readers appreciate that our publications cover the whole of the waste industry. We keep you informed about all the news and developments in the waste management industry from across the world.

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All about the waste and resources industry

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All about the waste and resources industry

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The special interest Magazine WMW brings you the latest news on the topics of recycling, waste to energy, collection and handling as well as biowaste. It provides you with news, practical guides, interviews, analysis, management insights and new developments in the waste industry.


Waste Management World 1/2024

März 2024
Are you recyclable? Fast Fashion and Circular Economy Going in Circles: How can we reach a true Circular Economy Green ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.

Waste Management World November 2023

November 2023
Waste to energy: How carbon capture and carbon storage will shape the industry Women in Waste Management: How to unlock ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Smart waste managment guide 2024

Smart Waste Management Guide 2024

November 2023
Innovative ideas for the waste management industry How Deep(er) Learning can transform recycling as we know it The Future of ...
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.

Waste Management World September-October 2023

September 2023
Fighting the Deluge: Textile waste recycling and exports in Europe Anaesthetic Gas Recycling: Yes, they can be recycled! Getting Smart: ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Waste_Management World_03-2023_Cover

Waste Management World May-June 2023

Juni 2023
All about EfW: New White Book on Energy from Waste technologies Climate protection: Biogas production plays an important role Global ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Waste_Management World_02-2023_Cover

Waste Management World March-April 2023

April 2023
Plastic Recycling: Are mechanical and chemical recycling rivals – or partners? Investment Gap: EIB study sees billions needed to reach ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Cover_Waste Management World_01-2023

Waste Management World January-February 2023

Februar 2023
Bioplastics and Composting: Not a love match Women in Waste Management: Rendering is recycling for Jane Brindle Biowaste Management: How ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.

Waste Management World November 2022

November 2022
Waste-to-energy plants: The latest and greatest facilities worldwide Women in Waste Management: Saretta Brown is Vice President of Sales and ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Cover_WMW_ 0522

Waste Management World September 2022

September 2022
Robots on the rise: Is AI the future of recycling? Waste to Energy: Johnny Stuen on the new ISWA WGER ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Cover WMW_04_2022

Waste Management World July 2022

Juli 2022
Women in Waste Management: Eva Kozma drives a garbage truck for the Vienna waste management service Plastic-eating worms: New research ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
Cover WMW June 2022

Waste Management World June 2022

Juni 2022
Biomethane: Produced locally biomethane is green and sustainable and will play an important role in a future (almost) without fossil ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.
WMW Magazine-Cover

Waste Management World April 2022

April 2022
Battery Recycling: New solutions and regulations, especially for EV batteries, are needed Women in Waste Management: Waste educator Sian Cuffy-Young ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.

Waste Management World January 2022

Februar 2022
Women in Waste Management: Dutch-born entrepreneur Nathalie van de Poel found a way to recycle contaminated steel scrap. Biowaste in ...
5,00 7,90 
Zzgl. 10% red.USt.